DATAISM [01 & 02]

Experimental typeface design, 2021.

Dataism 01 & 02 are typefaces born from the concept of “Dataism” and the audiovisual world generated by the music of the artist Erik Urano [or Flat Erik], from its representation through a structure based on an abstract grid. Seeking the generation of a solid, consistent and experimental typography [Dataism 01], with the particular addition of the pixel version of it [Dataism 02], generating a broad vision of the main concept.

     “Dataism is a term that has been used to describe the mentality, philosophy, but not religion [citation needed], created by the emerging meaning of big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT). A piece of data is a symbolic representation (numerical, alphabetical, algorithmic, spatial, etc.) of a quantitative or qualitative attribute or variable.”

    → Licenses and trial at Type Department

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Typography design, 2021.

The concept of the proposal resides in the creation of a complete typeface, with different variants and morphologies, that is capable of expressing this reality that comes to be treated in a marginal way. It is about generating a free typeface, generated mainly looking for its versatility, but the first objective being to make a typeface suitable for use in teaching. and school environment. This is a field in which both the inclusiveness of any non-binary identity or gender, or not predefined by the boys/girls dogma, must manage to evolve, thus generating safer, more comfortable spaces where conversation topics can be generated that many times they are not addressed, or even denied. This is something to change and/or deal with in the different schools in Spain, and this is the problem and the main field under which the following artistic proposal is established.


    → Full project here, download link here


Collection design, 2020.

Created by the need to find a free artistic environment in what we do, the result was a piece with an enormous creative process. We sought to break with lines, perspectives and neutral colors and also reflect a strong connection between art and our existence, a relationship between the degradation of the human being and his aspiration to paradise, representing the eight mountains that surround him, Rub al hizb.


     Photography and Fashion Film by:  Alberto Urraca, and Yungakita

    → Collection available at Slang Sport


Typeface design, 2020.

Conceptualised Belle de Mai inspired by culture shocks between expensive, central city zones and their lower cost, suburban counterparts within built-up metropolitan cities. Based particularly on these contrasts in and around Paris, Belle de Mai draws from french culture and city-scape architecture to construct a typeface which embodies two sides of the city.

Taking its name from the hood of La Belle de Mai, the typeface draws inspiration from the culture of the area and features a juxtaposition of curving elegance alongside razor-sharp edges, heavy stroke contrasts and a popping tilted axis in ‘o’ and ‘e’. With Open Type features including lowercase and uppercase, ligatures, numbers, symbols and diacritics, there’s plenty of ways to bend Belle de Mai for many individual projects.

    → Licenses and trial at Type Department

    → Designed at EEAASS José Nogué


Lettering and title credits, 2020.

Lettering designed for the titles of “Me olvido”, a song by Pedro Ladroga. Inspired on the aesthetic culture of China 80’s neon lights “When you think about Hong Kong and its visual culture, the first thing that comes to mind will be its neon signs” according to Aric C.



Isotype design, 2020.

Design of an isotype, inspired in the actual logotype of Belmez Attitude, a Spanish local brand focused on a different point of view about the climbing world. The way they inspired the local movement of small brands, and the love for mountain sports and not for the competition were some of the most important benefit key from the briefing.